Captain Hero: Operation Key Lime

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17 years ago (Jun 06, 2007)

I liked this game actually. Secret areas and such make this game replayable. Although I found the secret area right at the start of the game by going left acidentally and thus found secret areas before I was supposed to. Oh well.

This I like about this game: -It was easy to play through while still presenting chalanges. -Had a unique sidescroller engine = ) -Ending fight was nice.

Things that could be improved: -Robot that follows you in the beginning is kind of annoying. -Annoying glitch that causes an illusion near the end of the game. -Henchman waiting room was a bit empty and incredibly big.

Although the game is certianly worth 15-20 mins of your time playing through. = )

3.00 / 5.00

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