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  • AKAASTWO.ZZT - The unfinished sequel to "A Knife and a Stick". Likely to be the most playable entry in the archive, as this build was made for "streaming" or whatever 12-year-old me meant by that anyway.
  • COLLAB08.ZZT - An unfinished submission for nupanick's "Collabyrinth". The Floating Board, which is unfinished in this version, was left empty in the official release.
  • DEFINEZ.ZZT - "Define ZZT", a title screen and a menu. As a bonus, I have included GreaseMonkey's original music code in an extra board, as it is slightly longer than what was used in the menu. I do not have the DNL_* files used by the menu's "Help" option - they may well have never existed.
  • DEVNULL.ZZT - "/dev/null", once again only a title screen and menu ever came out of that. I guess I liked menu engines.
  • DOWNFALL.ZZT - "Downfall ZZT", the first three boards of a planned game about, well, the downfall of z2 and related communities. Made just a little bit early for that.
  • OBBIP.ZZT - "One Bon Bon is Poison", the unfinished part 1 of what I assume was meant to be a multi-part epic that was way beyond the capabilities of then-me.
  • PUZZLING.ZZT - Your guess is as good as mine.
  • works.zzt - "GraphGen", an unfinished engine which allowed you to make bar charts in ZZT.

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