Search For The Ancient Hut

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Search for the Ancient Hut is a 1996 newbie world that stands out only in that there are no objects (or even scrolls) in any of its four boards, indicating its author had not yet learned ZZT-OOP, and there is no text except for the title. It starts by directing you to a room full of more gems and ammo than an author can feasibly expect anyone to spend the time picking up. The Ancient Hut is found on the very next board, which includes a veritable wall of enemies and a pair of tiger duplicators that don't work because they duplicate from the wrong direction. Finally, when you enter the Ancient Hut, there is nothing that ends the game (not even enemies, since the pool sharks can't reach you). Instead, you are given three different places to softlock your game: a roomful of gems, a roomful of ammo, or a primitive bedroom where you can trap yourself in a closet with two ammo pickups and a bomb. Skip this one.

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