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I played this because it was short and mistakenly had nothing set for its genre field, and now I'm glad such a bug with uploaded existed.

You awaken in a dark room with a collapsed ceiling and numerous crushed bodies of civilians and soldiers. As you try to escape you learn more about what happened to this place? world? It's hard to say, but it's something horrific.

Be warned that while most ZZT worlds in this style are stories the player can always follow from start to end, your use of ammo (and to a lesser extent torches) can lead to you being trapped forever, so be willing to make saves despite the short length overall.

Like most 2012 releases this one was created for the "Glorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon". With the significant interest in ZZT horror titles and short story worlds in recent years though it fits right in with modern releases and does a lot with a little.

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