Weird Al In 3-D

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16 years, 7 months ago (Sep 28, 2007)

-Uh oh. Looks like you chose the wring door! Better luck next time!

Need I say more?

Plot is very basic, and is made worse by numerous spelling and gramatical errors. "Yea, the cast is all my friends!" so says a static object that you might recongnize as "Weird Al".

Not to mention the most basic of things are almost spelled out for you (and rather poorly too) such as what gems and ammo are for.

-I can dance in a field of gems.

-I can trip and be cut into ribbons in a field of gems...

-Can't buy anything with the gems.

Thank god for zap actually, or those invizo mazes would have had me flip out. The room of extream annoyance is called that for a reason!

Anyways, I don't beleive being made in 1999 or 2000 excuses it from things like spelling and poor coding. I certianly hope this wasn't the norm with games back then.

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16 years, 8 months ago (Sep 18, 2007)

First of all, the title is misleading. Nothing in this game is 3-D. Also, EVERY SINGLE BOARD HAS THE DEFAULT YELLOW WALLS! even the ones where you're in a little box anyway and don't need borders. The only programming in this game is the long text box that pops up at the beginning of most screens. Also, there's a few invisible wall mazes but nothing so long it made me stop playing. On a minor note, you don't die at the endscreen, so there's no highscores. Come to that, there's no score bonus for completing! The good part of this game are that it at least has a plot, even though it's a pretty simple one. There's also a few bits of nice contouring. I would advise the author to play ZZT Syndromes by Barjesse, which would help fix most of the issues I have with this game and maybe make it into something amusing.

1.00 / 5.00

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