Adrenaline Arcade 1: Mine Mayhem

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Zephyre Syx
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18 years, 5 months ago (Oct 21, 2004)

I was filling it, then it killed me at the end. I guess I saw something that had potential that I thought the series is a good idea at first cause of the kroz-like gameplay (I have a sweetspot for puzzle/action/adventure, though there's little to no puzzle elements), then it got wickity wack on me towards the end. * sigh * Improvements are needed cause I thought it was cool.

The concept about adrenaline arcade is that each game in the series has a different senario, one game your job is to save your coworkers down deep in the caverns, another take place in the city, then on in fantasy world, and so forth, as you try to get a high score(too bad this generation don't believe in scoring(in that kinda way) anymore). _Game Play_ Fun Factor-It the Scoring Type Game! Each board you start on is a timed level you must complete, most you simply go to the exit trying not to get zapped back to start(losing a life), while other yields a simple engine. Then after a certain amount of levels, you face a boss. Sounds kinda so-so, and basic, but I know this can be something. What exactly. Features-Mind all the BICs you see throughout the game, there are few objects here and there if you notice them, like the boulder you have to out run(best using the mouse if yours work), and the bosses. The levels are a little spaced, and straight foreward, leaving you a little option to just shoot a bunch of BICs and gather keys to get to the exit, leaving only some proving to be challenging. The biggest killer is, get this, a star machine. The Ultimate Machine at the end that will pumble you with stars. It yells utter stupidity. I can get "only a few stars at a time" that you'll be able to defeat it with minimal damage, but shilloads!?! Now if the levels have a little more objectives to do before exiting, and that damned machine is demasculated, it'll be a tight game. Speed-It flows right to the action, like what ARCADE genra should be.

_Atmosphere_ Visual-The game doesn't stress on the graphics much (a lot of solid fills), only the environment changes in colour as you progress thought the levels. Sound/Music-N/A Not enough to be notice. Imagetry-"As you walk into the room, you hear the voice of the man in the lower-right corner of the screen." Well, he suceeded in making coke spew out my nose.

_Story_ In this game, you're a worker and some jackass desided to sabotage the mines. So now you got to find and rescue whoever's left in the mine and snap a log in between the traitor's arse. The thing is...why?!?!? It doesn't make any hellova sence just bl...bah!!! Whatever.

I might be giving it too much verbage then its worth, but I though I'll give it a chance. * shrugs

2.50 / 5.00

Review Date
19 years, 4 months ago (Nov 22, 2003)

If you like poorly designed ping-pong path games which have way too many syndromes, and are composed mainly of shooting pre-fab enemies, this game is for you.

1.50 / 5.00
Review Date
19 years, 5 months ago (Oct 09, 2003)

In this game, you have to save a few miners who are trapped inside a mine by some guy named Stonico.

To do so, you must navigate the mines and shoot the creatures. The bosses are objects.

Unfortunatly, there are a fews bugs, witch are already mentioned by CATFRIEDRICE.

Despite the bugs, I still like this game. Exept for the last boss that I couldn't beat fair and square.

3.00 / 5.00
Review Date
20 years, 1 month ago (Feb 24, 2003)

GRAPHICS: Uses STK. Mostly brown boards. After Part 3, everything is red. After Part 4, everything turns gray. The only drawback is F3 color water. [4]

GAMEPLAY: Mostly walk and shoot basic enemys. There are two major bugs in this game. The first comes when you "slide down the slope." should you get hit by any of the creatures, you have to restart the game. The only other bug comes from the bosses. Should you continue to attack the boss even after it runs out of life, it will continue to attack you and NOT die. [3]

SOUND: No music, but there is sound effects [3]

SPELLING/LANGUAGE: Story is well written, help is useful. Everything seems to be spelled correctly [5]

OOP USE:Good use of oop with the bosses, except for the two bugs mentioned above and the last boss who uses WAY TOO MANY STARS [3]

SATISFACTION: Well thought out and designed, but the constant mazes and enemys made this game boring. The last boss also gave me a headache, I lost 1000 Health from his constant starthrowing. [2]

Total Score: [3.35] CFRVRFZZTG: [A] for all those not against shooting basic creatures and robots.

3.50 / 5.00

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