24 Hours of ZZT Summer 2002 [War]

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raz0rbl4d3 (aka _god_)
3 months, 4 weeks ago (Feb 17, 2024)
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I've forgotten a lot of things from the last 20 years, but I know with certainty that I absolutely did not make NO! in 24 hours and submit it to this 24hoZZT. I created "NO!" in June 2021 and released it on zzt.org.

I have no idea why I submitted it as "War24hozzt.zzt". I wouldn't have submitted it as a cheat or a troll; again, I had already released it months prior and it won Game of the Month.

The only reason that makes sense is that I named and submitted the wrong file accidentally. But I honestly don't know. I know that's around the time I was introduced to marijuana for the first time. So, uh, that could explain a lot.

At any rate, I only realized all of this after Dr. Dos talked about NO! for 20 seconds during a stream. Oh, how the long arms of time come across decades to wrap me in confusion.

Anyway, thank you for coming to my Zed Zed Tee talk.

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4 months, 1 week ago (Feb 08, 2024)
  • 24ns2002.zzt - Untitled by Nuero
  • D-WAR24.ZZT - Untitled by D.
  • GRINWAR.zzt - Anti-Muslims by Grinch
  • KNITE-24.zzt - Wutz it called? by Knightt
  • RIGELWAR.zzt - Internal Struggle by Rigel7
  • Teacon7.zzt - War Sucks by Teacon7
  • Theta-g.zzt - Farm Man Episode II: Attack Of The Clowns by Theta14
  • War24hozzt.zzt - No by God
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