Metal Gear Solid VR Missions ZZT (v2.50)

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Zeta created and maintained by asie. Press F11 while the emulator is focused to access an options menu.

Common Problems and Solutions

I'm stuck in the world I'm playing!

Depending on how you're stuck, you may want to try the following:

I hit "P" to play and got a DOS Error!

This is caused either by ZZT or Zeta not correctly pointing to the proper world. This most frequently happens with games that require non-default Zeta configurations or worlds whose filename doesn't match the one stored within the file itself by ZZT. Try pressing "Enter" to close the message, pressing "W" to open the world menu, and selecting the world from this menu to reload the world.

I hit "E" to edit a world and got a red flash and a Can not edit <WORLD>!/Can not edit a saved game! message!

The world you tried to edit is locked. From within the editor hit "?" to open the cheat prompt and enter "+DEBUG". Reload the world with "L" and the world should open just fine. More about Locks

All these boards are named LOCKED FILE and refuse to open except for one named :c that stops emulation when I open it!

The world you're editing is (also) Super Locked. You can open the locked boards by hitting "Escape" instead of "Enter". The :c board is purposely corrupt and can't be opened from ZZT's editor. More about Locks

Current Zeta configuration: ZZT v3.2 (Registered)