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Last updated: May 15, 2022

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Most roles may be added either via staff of the Worlds of ZZT bot.

Current roles include:

The Worlds of ZZT Discord Bot

The Worlds of ZZT Discord bot contains a few housekeeping functions as well as some integration with the Museum of ZZT website.

List of Bot Commands

List of Bot Managed Roles

All bot commands function in the #bots channel. !zzt additionally functions in the #worlds-of-zzt-feed channel. Role setting commands additionally function in the #welcome channel.


Some announcements are automatic when certain events on the Museum of ZZT website occur. New uploads and new reviews of files will automatically be shared here.


Last updated Aug. 3rd, 2022
ammo :ammo:
Ammunition - 5 shots per container.

Ammo from ZZT.
ampersand :ampersand:
You have found an ampersand.

Ampersand/Necklace bonus item from Town of ZZT.
bear :bear:

Bear from ZZT.
black key :blackkey:
You now have the .-♣....\♦Blue ♣Green ♦Cyan ♥Red

A black key from Super Tool Kit.
bomb :bomb:
Bomb activated!

Bomb from ZZT.
breakable :breakable: Breakable wall from ZZT.
bullet :bullet:

Bullet from ZZT.
centipede :centipede: Green centipede head from ZZT.
cheat :cheat: Representation of the cheat prompt from ZZT.
cooler water :coolerwater: Water from Demo.
code red candle :crcandle: Candle from Code Red.
darkness :darkness:
Room is dark - you need to light a torch!

Darkness from ZZT.
dragon :dragon-1:
The dragon is vaporized!

Dragon enemy from Town of ZZT.
dragonpup :dragonpup: Dragon pup from Super ZZT.
empty :empty: Empty tile from ZZT.
energizer :energizer:
Energizer - You are invincible

Energizer from ZZT.
fake :fake:
A fake wall - secret passage!

Red fake wall from ZZT. Or is it blood?
forest :forest:
A path is cleared through the forest.

Forest from ZZT.
Sweeney's gambit :gambit: Representation of "Sweeney's Gambit", where collecting an item means a 50/50 chance of immediately being attacked.
gem :gem:
Gems give you health!

A green gem from ZZT.
help :help: Help object from the ZZT Encyclopedia.
hyperlink :hl:
«Press ENTER to select this»

Hyperlink icon from ZZT's message windows. Alternatively, a purple pusher.
key :key:
You now have the purple key!

A purple key from ZZT.
lava :lava:
Your way is blocked by lava!

Lava from Super ZZT.
lion :lion: Lion from ZZT.
mzx :mzx: Representation of the MegaZeux player character (with ZZT's default font).
normal :normal: A normal wall from ZZT. Yellow, of course.
pairer :pairer: A pairer from Super ZZT.
passage :passage: A yellow passage from ZZT.
ping pong path :pingpongpath: A ping pong path from ZZT Syndromes.
player :player: The player from ZZT. Or perhaps one of their many clones.
ricochet :ricochet: A ricochet from ZZT. Alternatively, a green slime.
roton :roton: A roton from Super ZZT.
ruffian :ruffian: A ruffian from ZZT.
scroll :scroll: A scroll from ZZT.
blue segment :segmentblue: A blue centipede segment from ZZT.
cyan segment :segmentcyan: A cyan centipede segment from ZZT.
purple segment :segmentpurple: A purple centipede segment from ZZT.
red segment :segmentred: A red centipede segment from ZZT.
white segment :segmentwhite: A white centipede segment from ZZT.
yellow segment :segmentyellow: A yellow centipede segment from ZZT.
shark :shark: A shark from ZZT.
solid :solid: A green solid wall from ZZT.
spider :spider-1: A cyan spider from Super ZZT.
Super Tool Kit title screen :stk: Transparent version of the Super Tool Kit logo.
tiger :tiger: A tiger from ZZT.
torch :torch:
Torch - used for lighting in the underground.

A torch from ZZT.
tree :tree:
Just an old, boring talking tree.

Tree object from Town of ZZT.
water :water:
Your way is blocked by water!

Water from ZZT.
yellow border :yellow:
"I have this recurring nightmare...

I'm in this huge empty room with yellow walls...
No matter where I go... those same horrible
yellow walls..."

An empty yellow bordered room.
zzthink :zzthink: Created by Archenoth. Used with permission.
zztwakka :zztwakka: Created by Zinfandel. Used with permission.