ZZTer Comics - Frost - info

this is a picture of me, as accurate as any picture can possibly be

Hello! I am Peter S*, aka. "Zenith Nadir" to the vast wastes of Internet, and this is "Frost", a comic I've been drawing that I decided to start posting on the internet in a fit of hubris and arrogance and lust for acknowledgment. It is called "Frost" and is about a girl called Penny and her adventures in an animal-dude world called Ilititoa. I guess it is pretty gay but I like drawing it.

I made a ZZT game of this current plotline (subtitled "Power") years ago, but the writing kind of sucked and is embarrassing in retrospect and it wasn't a proper game anyway. I attempted a comic the year after but it was an unscripted disasterpiece of cross-hatching that I eventually threw away after quitting a few pages in (after redrawing it for the first few pages of this). HOPEFULLY this will be better, even though it's probably pretty rough around the edges; I've never bothered with a comic before, even though I love the medium!

No, it's not a furry comic. Fuck off.
Anyway, I'll post character synopses sometime once the ball's got rolling, I guess. Whoops I just did.

(* - my surname is way too easy to be searched for on the internet for my personal comfort (hey, I'm a private person); you can look it up if you like, it's around, I won't get mad)