The Best of ZZT 3: The best boards from your favorite ZZT games (Unofficial)

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Wildcard Stream Vol. 71 - The Best of ZZT The Worse of ZZT

Checking out what claims to be ZZT's best and ZZT's... worse. One of them is accurate. Try and guess which!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Feb 15, 2024
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of 2 ZZT worlds. ♦

♦ Stream Contents ♦
• (0:00) "The Best of ZZT 3: The best boards from your favorite ZZT games (Unofficial)" by Unknown (1994) []
• (37:48) "The Worse Adventure Part 1 (v1.0β)" by WorseInc []

Two games purporting to be the two extremes.

Best of ZZT 3 sounds like it should be a fan sequel to the official Best of ZZT series, but is in fact more like a tweaked version of Tour. A number of boards from Tour, and a handful of third-party ZZT worlds are included, linked up without any context between them, and ready to be played. Most, but not all of the worlds have their full version preserved, making this game the only known surviving content for some of the inclusions.

One board in particular, with "AL'S STORE" seems to be impossible, as the player can't shoot through some breakables and there isn't nearly enough health to tank damage from its enemies.

The second game, "The Worse Adventure", has a stellar title screen, and that's about it. It's a simple road-trip adventure that never manages to be more than mediocre. Lots of walking across empty rooms, and a few boards with enemies to shoot that can just as easily be avoided. This wouldn't be too bad, but later on the game starts running into an issue with buggy code, multi-board mazes, and missing flags. Chat rightly realized that it's called The Worse Adventure because it gets worse as it goes on.

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♦ Originally streamed on February 11th, 2024 ♦

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