Bonus Stream - Wincat Wednesday

Mastering the links, snake catching, mazes, and preparing for college via Pac-Man

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Feb 4, 2024
Part of Series: Bonus Livestreams
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♦ Livestream of "The Game Master 3rd Edition Shareware CD" ♦

A return to the shareware mines in search of gold! Hitting a Twitch subscriber goal brings us once more to my childhood shareware CD that instilled a love of DOS games and introduced me to ZZT. It's always fun to see what you can find here, but the overall quality here was really impressive.

(2:22) Micro's Dillema II
A puzzle game about positioning mirrors to reflect a laser

(13:19) Space Blaster
Oh! Somebody's excited to put their photo in a game.

(20:15) Tommy's Space Weenies
A Tommy's Toys game. So it's got some bizarre art, weird gameplay, and absurd writing.

(25:48) Lava Cap
A Soleau Software game based on Pipe Dream. Had some weird display issues and was way difficult.

(28:33) Simple Pleasuer Solitaire
A Solitaire collection that crashed pretty quickly, which was good because I realized I didn't want to play any solitaire.

(30:00) AntiC
A combination of Othello and Life. Based on Anti Chaos Theory! A puzzle game I couldn't wrap my head around just from the interface alone.

(32:51) CaddieHack EGA Golf
A really impressive 3D golf game! Despite some stern messages about being a demo at the beginning, and some issues with tracking your shot while it's in mid-air, this ended up being really cool. Plus it lets you pick between palm trees and pine trees.

(54:52) Triskelion
Puzzle game with three interlocking rings that can be rotated. The goal is to make each ring contain one color inside. I thought this was going to be a lot easier than it actually is.

(56:29) Fleet Sweep
CGA Galaxian style shooter. Nothing too exciting, but a perfectly playable game for the original IBM PC.

(1:04:00) Maze Master
Cute Win3.1 maze game where your cursor becomes a little mouse. Has a scoring system and a number of options to make it more interesting. About as good as a maze program can get.

(1:12:00) Maze Maker
Deranged Win3.1 maze game. Play a multi-floor maze of the day to unlock the maze of the week to unlock the maze of the month to unlock the maze of the year.

(1:21:13) Caverns of Gink
Kind of rough and floaty CGA platformer. Seems like Miner 2049er with Ice Physics when you cross terrain you've stood on already?

(1:24:40) Shootout
2-Player only dueling game kind of like Atari Combat.

(1:27:20) Pac-Maine
Pac-Man teaches you the importance of college. Somehow. Walls of text in a maze-chase game. Somehow. Collect a pretzel that represents honesty. Somehow. This school seems more like a cult.

(1:37:43) CaddyHack CGA Tour
The CGA variant of Caddyhack! This one actually feels smoother and has a different putting interface. Both of these golf games seem like a lot of fun!

(1:49:13) SneeSnoo Snake
Fast paced arcade game where you move a crosshair over a bouncing snake to catch it in your bag. Miss click get bit. Quite a lot of fun, and also the author has pages and pages of text about human limitations and overcoming them and the great SneeSnoo Snake tournament to be held in Las Vegas once 4,000 people sign up.

♦ CD Download ♦

♦ Originally streamed on January 31st, 2024 ♦

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