Bonus Stream - The Game Master Shareware CD (Continued)


Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Sep 25, 2023
Part of Series: Bonus Livestreams
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Bonus stream for hitting X subscribers on Twitch a little while back.

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More adventures in my childhood shareware CD. This time with some genuine nostalgia.

- Planes that do not take off in "747 Jetset"
- Investing in Real Estate in "Megagopoly"
- Awkwardly rolling dice in "Ten Thousand"
- Arkanoid-like "Super Ball", one I enjoyed a lot as a child though it's a bit slow paced
- "Contruction Bob In the Bouncing Factory", a true classic in the style of Circus Atari / Clowns and Balloons. Bounce Bob around by positioning a trampoline where he falls and into components to make whatever he's making at work today. Featuring a ton of gratuitous VGA gore! But not nearly as much as I know for a fact the game contains.
- Learning how to spell with "Brandon's Lunchbox", edutainment no child would have fun with, but might be terrified by!
- "Vacation Planner" A road trip planning tool that will get the job done if you just need to know your US interstates and appropriate exits
- "BrewBase", a guide to beers of the world, including descriptions and ratings. Hope you like Sam Adams.
- "BlackJack", with the worst UI imaginable for betting
- "Limerick", which will spit out random limericks from a pool of hundreds on to your screen every so often. Better than expected!
- "NVV-1701", a Windows 3.1 conversion of the historic Star Trek game. Confusing, but seems cool, and likely tolerable for those who know how the game works already.
- "Ouija For Windows", contact the dead with your mouse. Includes a "jumpscare" in the help file!
- "Amado", a strange puzzle game involving replicating a pattern on a grid of blocks with rules about how you move and how their colors change
- "Pyramid". Hell yeah I love Tut's Tomb solitaire.
- "ARRGH!", a puzzle game about clearing a path for a square in a grid of rectangles. Also includes "BARGH!" and "CARGH!"
- "Stop Sign", a sliding puzzle with a stop sign
- "Monopoly". Guess.
- "Tommy's Twenty-One", a much more playable Blackjack experience
- "Off_Road", a game that refused to run, which is a shame since it looked like a fun Moon Patrol style game?
- "Dream World" see what your PC dreams of!
- "VGA Fish", a little aquarium animation
- "Snarf", action maze game where you have to grab keys and treasures while shooting/avoiding the snargs that patrol the maze. Looks like a fever dream even more than Dream World.
- "Slither". No longer just on your Nokia cell phone.
- "Drag City". A drag racing sim that seems like it has a lot more to it (pardon the pun) under the hood
- "VGA Rain". Another screen-savery animation of colored drops falling on the screen like rain. More accurate, randomly drawn circles with simple shading.

If I knew there were so many programs in this video I'd have been lazier about listing them all.

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