Bonus Stream - The Game Master Shareware CD

Exploring a childhood shareware CD, learning about biorhythms, and watching fireworks

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Sep 16, 2023
Part of Series: Bonus Livestreams
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Bonus stream for hitting X subscribers on Twitch a little while back.

No ZZT today, just exploring a shareware CD. Granted, it's the shareware CD I had as a child that introduced me to ZZT, so I have nothing but nostalgia for its contents. I was really excited when the Internet Archive snagged a copy of the exact disc!

Just as when I was a kid, we spend our time hopping around various programs, hoping they work and being confused by the ones that do. I tried to avoid spending time with any of the big names that everyone already knows, and focused more on games more likely to surprise viewers. There's some shooting gallery, a few bad computer prank tools, some Captain Comic (okay, they can't all be hidden gems), Moraff's Pinball, some bizarre Tommy's Toybox games. The works.

Plus some lawn mowing and and grand finale programmable fireworks display.

This CD is perfect if you're looking for some early 90s DOS shareware games, or need help running your scuba diving business. Alternatively, print out some biorhythms and sell them to strangers. They'll love it.

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