Livestream - Jill of the Jungle - Feat. Anna Anthropy

Ladies who slay a few monsters in glorious 256 color VGA

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Feb 13, 2023
Part of Series: Bonus Livestreams
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Livestream of the game "Jill of the Jungle" by Tim Sweeney, John Pallett-Plowright, Joe Hitchens, and Dan Froelich (1992). Originally streamed on February 11th, 2023

A bonus stream done for hitting a subscriber goal on Twitch. Joined by Anna Anthropy, I make my way through Epic's first non-ZZT release, Jill of the Jungle. This stream had some awful audio issues and I really apologize for that.

Jill is fun though! Anna brings a lot of cool development facts plus reads from the game's incredible hint book. And dig that soundtrack.

We plan to stream the rest of the series in the future as well after we get our audio situation resolved.

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