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Wildcard Stream Vol. 31 - Fires and Fights

A creative and impressive sci-fi adventure, an unintentionally funny sci-fi adventure, and a pleasant fireworks display

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jan 31, 2023
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 3 ZZT worlds. Originally streamed on January 29th, 2023 ♦
• (0:00) "Fighter" by Karma (1996) []
• (23:34) End of Ad Break 1
• (1:07:27) "Fire Fury" by Michael O'Reilly (1997) []
• (1:29:04) "Fireworks" by Pyro184 []

Perhaps the best assortment of worlds these wildcard streams have ever had. All three games were fun in their own unique ways, with the first of them "Fighter" being up there with "Vampire Immortal" for the most well made game played in these streams.

"Fighter" is a sci-fi adventure that begins with a prologue world where the player represents a space ship, shooting down enemy ships that immediately won me over with its creative implementation of a regenerative health system that really seems like it could lend itself well to other ZZT games. The main game that follows doesn't use the system, instead playing as a more traditional sci-fi world with players aboard a space station taking on various missions to keep the universe safe. A bit like a more intense "Turmoil" by clysm. There's some real similarities to Software Visions styled adventures such as "Coolness", "Mission: Enigma", and "Warlord's Temple" that make it clear that this is a fairly polished world that looks good and plays well. The final mission seems to unfortunately be a bit bugged, and I'm not sure how, or if it's possible at all, to finish it without cheating for ammo. The game also runs into trouble by not clearing flags causing important game event information to be accidentally destroyed. Despite the troubles at the end, this was a really solid adventure that was fun from beginning to end.

"Fire Fury" won everybody over not with its quality, but its absurdity. A bit of "Dogfight", a bit anime, and a plot that constantly comes and goes. After your plane was shot down you kind of just run around through a Town of ZZT styled hub doing lord knows what. The writing is silly enough that you can't help but enjoy your time spent in the world, though it's by no means a classic.

Finally, to end the stream we get a little show with "Fireworks", a short series of boards where various fireworks have been made in ZZT, inspired by the ones Alexis Janson included in "Super Tool Kit" and used in "Code Red". There's little to do here, but the effects are rather charming, and could certainly be a welcome sight at the end of an adventure.

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