Chris Part 2: Chris Meets The Aquanouts

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Wildcard Stream Vol. 25 - Chris-mas

Air, Sea, and Yoshi as we see what Chrises do both in ZZT games and when making ZZT games

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Dec 2, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 4 ZZT worlds ♦
• "Chris Vs. The Terrorists (Version 2)" by Nathan1212 []
• (9:14) "Chris Part 2: Chris Meets The Aquanouts" by Nathan1212 (1996) []
• (29:51) "Ghostbuster's ZZT Adventure" by Chris Carrick, Patrick Carrick (1996) []
• (37:19) "Yoshi's Dino-Quest" by Chris Dingman, Kevin Anderson (1993) []
(Originally streamed November 27th, 2022)

A wildcard stream of unpreserved games starring Chris or made by Chris. It's Chris-mas.

Start with childhood fantasy adventure "Chris Vs. The Terrorists" in which a child named Chris must use his many baseballs to escape from a terrorist blimp. The action is mostly objects shooting each other rather than Chris until he manages to board an escape plane and fight the blimp itself from the skies. There's some cute artwork in the intro as well as the drawing of the plane.

Then, in the sequel, while on vacation on a cruise ship after the first game Chris is taken underwater to aid an undersea kingdom that has been taken over. The game tries to incorporate some light puzzle elements mostly via different kinds of mazes, making the game slower than the previous. It makes up for it with some friendly characters including everybody's new favorite: Jellyfish.

Some bugs at the end cause the final boss battle to not function properly, though touching the boss will activate the end sequence. (You're not supposed to be able to touch the boss right away.) Honestly not as appealing despite the more complex designs and story. Though I will definitely praise the docking bay board where one of the docks has been taken over by a giant sea monster that made it their home. Very cool!

Then we played a Ghostbusters game that was pretty forgettable. Sure it had Stay-Puft and ended with you going to PBS to defeat Barney, but that's like a third of ZZT games. It's so forgettable that I actually streamed it before! It never got removed from the private queue by mistake and I wound up playing it a second time. Rare instance of a ZZT game referencing the 1995 Casper film.

Lastly, "Yoshi's Dino-Quest" is an incomplete Yoshi ZZT game that despite the Chris theme, was not done by Mr. Kohler. There's some dedicated work in the portrayal of the Mario World map as well as Yoshi's house that made the game nice to look at, though there's very little to do in what's here. The giant Iggy Koopa boss battle looked visually impressive, but viewers were quick to point out that it's been taken from a different Yoshi game. (I assume one of Kohler's, but I'm having a hard time finding it right this second.)

A fun little batch. The Chris games seem like the kind of story a child would write for a school assignment about going on an adventure.

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