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Wildcard Stream Vol. 15 - Missions To Accomplish

Recovering stolen diamonds, stolen women, missing jackets, and doing other tasks that are quite possible.

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Aug 25, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 4 ZZT worlds ♦

• (0:00) "Mission: Impossible Part 1 & 2" by Unknown (1997) [https://museumofzzt.com/file/view/mi/]

• (9:42) "Mission Knight I" by Tommy Thompson (1996) [https://museumofzzt.com/file/view/mknight/]

• (19:32) "Mission: Possible" by Greg Gilbert [https://museumofzzt.com/file/view/mpossibl/]

• (41:40) "Mission: Clean Room" by Kev Vance (1994) [https://museumofzzt.com/file/view/miscln/]

(Originally streamed August 21st, 2022)

A wide assortment of missions ranging from possible to impossible. Beginning with the amateurish exploration of ZZT that is "Mission: Impossible", a two parter with no real conclusion that doesn't really have a whole lot to it. It's one of those games where the author hasn't figured out how to make :touch not fire immediately, though the author does realize something is amiss and eventually just put scrolls down next to objects instead. Janky? Yes, but it works.

Mission Knight has a somewhat sci-fi setting crossed with fantasy, resulting in me calling it Deep Rock Galactic ZZT, but uh no that's just wishful thinking. Defeat the elven archers so you can get oil. Lots of action and lots of stars make for a fairly mediocre adventure which includes the most laid back gunfight in a bar I've ever seen as the occupants begin to shoot at the player, but don't get up from their seats to do so. This one ends abruptly asking for registration to receive the rest of the game, leading to a sudden stop when the game seems like maybe it will pick up a little.

Mission: Possible is a mystery game starring "Danny Barba" aka Agent 0007 (triple-0 seven). Mrs. Klopmann's diamond has been stolen! Also Mrs. Klopmann has been stolen as well, but the diamond gets top billing. Explore a few surreal spaces searching for clues to find the culprit and make an accusation. Also there are aliens and dimensional voids. The most fun game of the set for its unusual design that's stymied by some buggy moment.

Finally, we have "Mission: Clean Room" by none other than Kev Vance of KevEdit fame. Explore Kev's very large, very empty, and yet also very messy room. Pick up trash, shoot ZZT baddies (once you find your gun of course), and hunt down some lost items including your jacket and a "Bernoulli Disk" full of games. Really rough as until you find your gun most boards are way too dangerous, and picking up trash while it does make things tidier doesn't impact your score or the game's ending.

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