The Legend of ZZT

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Wildcard Stream Vol. 14 - The ZZTs of ZZT

A whole lot of stars and rough designs as we explore the various ZZTs of ZZT.

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Aug 17, 2022
Part of Series: Wildcard Streams
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♦ Livestream of the following 4 ZZT worlds ♦

• (0:00) "The War of ZZT" by Unknown []

• (24:00) "The ZZT Project (Demo)" by Jeremy Brannon (1997) []

• (40:36) "ZZT Fight" by VTXJ37B []

• (56:12) "The Legend of ZZT" by J. J. Foote []

(Originally streamed August 14th, 2022)

A wildcard stream of ZZT games with "ZZT" in the title.

"The War of ZZT" is very much a beginner's game, starting on the wrong board (and not even making that apparent) as you go through a gauntlet of single board levels of escalating numbers of tigers and the occasional boss enemy.

"The ZZT Project" very much wants to be a Software Visions game with a "Mission: Enigma" style title animation and a very "Code Red" opening. It does not live up the source material. It does have a "suit generator".

"ZZT Fight" is more complex than the earlier games, thanks to its use of enemies from "Mega ZZT", a help world with some pre-coded objects for others to use. The balance is all out of whack and there are way too many stars yet again, a running theme for this stream.

Finally, "The Legend of ZZT" is a loose parody of "Link's Awakening", starring of course, Connect. This one left an impression not due to its quality, but due its rather bizarre duplicate copies of boards that change whether or not the player can access different regions of the game. For example, you need a sword to head south. If you get a sword and take a passage to a duplicate of the starting board and then head south to a duplicate of that board with the obstacle removed. This makes the game incredibly difficult to navigate as it's very easy to to take a wrong turn and wind up on different versions of boards than intended, made even stranger by the fact that the author demonstrates an understanding of how to use flags! Bizarre stuff.

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