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Livestream - JRPG Fan Games - Vol. 1

Dark Moogles, warehouse jobs, and A hat-trick of toilets

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Jun 8, 2022
Part of Series: JRPG Fan Game Streams
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Livestream of the ZZT worlds:

- "Moogle Quest: The Dark Moogles" by Chris Carrick

- "Chrono Trigger" by Roy Nugent (1996)

- "Final Fantasy II 1/4: Return of Golbez" by DarkMog25 (1997)

Starting JRPG June with some 16-Bit Squaresoft RPG fan creations that are chock full of yellow borders and apparently toilets.

In Moogle Quest we get a look at the world long after the events of Final Fantasy 6, where the dark moogles are working together with Kefka's ghost. It is confusing to navigate and the highlight of the game is the opening board with its giant moogle statue.

In Chrono Trigger we... you know, I'm not sure what the plot of that one was. We mostly just rescue our friends and look at some ships.

Lastly, in FF2.25 (FF4.25J), Cecil must defeat Golbez by crossing a desert and ascending a large tower. Also he gets a part time job in a warehouse.


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