Livestream - Tyrobain (Part 1)

The start of a grand journey to save everyone from ruffians with tigers and rapid construction

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Nov 13, 2021
Part of Series: Tyrobain Livestream
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Livestream of the Super ZZT world "Tyrobain" by 8x14 (2016)

Outside of the ZZT community and out of nowhere we have a lengthy fantasy adventure for Super ZZT! This is exactly the kind of Super ZZT game everybody's wanted but nobody made. A game that takes advantage of the smaller viewport to create a big open explorable world with dungeon crawling that's a little nicer than ZZT's tiny torch radius for visibility. Rescue the kingdom from ruffians with tigers and eat some fresh fruit along the way.

This game's barely been scratched with 90 minutes of gameplay on a mere three of its boards. It's visually quite impressive and may be the most fun I've had with a Super ZZT game before.

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