The 2021 Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest-Jam Type Thing Compilation

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Livestream - Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest Type Jam Thing Entries

A dozen single board games ranging from cats and dogs to horrors to ore-ers!

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Aug 9, 2021

Livestream of the submitted ZZT worlds to the "Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest-Jam Type Thing" hosted by Zinfandel (2021)

02:05 "Bank 2 of ZZT" by Allison Fleischer

06:06 "Apollo Station" by LBC

25:53 "Approach" by John W. Wells

31:23 "Beach" by davidjamesmc

50:30 "(cave) spooky" by Bokonon

55:20 "Bip-bo-Beep" by Snorb

1:02:05 "Cat Trap" by PSI Ninja

1:07:10 "Bip-bo-Beep" by Snorb (revisited in the editor)

1:10:41 "Doggy Dog" by Dog In Da Grass

1:12:55 "But Is It Neat?" by raekuul

1:15:00 "Revenge Wears Purple" by Sam

1:30:50 "ZZKEY ORE MACHINE" by junk

1:36:37 "gem shooby 6000" by WiL

At the time of this recording, these worlds have yet to be compiled and officially released.

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