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Closer Look: Village

Stop and admire the scenery on your quest for vigilante justice

Authored By: Dr. Dos
Published: Nov 15, 2019
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Normally I'd skip covering this at all, especially since there's also a 17 board standalone Chrono Trigger ZZT demo, but since this one is only three boards long and has some choice dialog why not!


That this demo runs with the font enabled only improves the game by giving everybody pointy hair and sunglasses.


These opening credits are incredible. I know I've seen another ZZT game that just thanks "computers". I love it so much.

Your finaly awake.

YOU:What do you mean, where am I?

I found you on the beach.

YOU:That's the last time I take the fairy.

You can stay and rest more or you can

YOU:I think I'll leave, I got to find out
Some stuff.

Ok then, good luck.

The writing is not quite on par with Chrono Trigger's.


And lastly, Crono can head outside and talk to this cool dude that's fishing.


I am dying at this guy referring to the present date as "12000 BC".


I am even more dead after this person who is currently having his years count up to 0 and being familiar with the concept of "BC" have no clue what's meant by "AD".

Stay tuned for Chrono Trigger 2/Chrono Trigger ZZT where perhaps one day we'll learn about the ocean that is a lake in 12000 BC. This demo did not do much to make me want to see more I'm afraid.

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