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Authored By: Tim Sweeney/xabbott
Published: Unknown
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Transcription (by xabbot)
The ZZT Advisor
By Tim Sweeney

A lone columnist
dedicated to helping the
hapless adventurers
trapped in the worlds of

Dear ZZT Advisor:
	ZZT's Monster Zoo level 3 is driving me nuts.
How do I get the green key? Great game by the way, tell
Allen I love it.
Dear S.T.:
	You are missing the secret passage, which is at the
top of the cubicle located on the upper right hand corner of
the room. Walk through the wall!

Dear ZZT Advisor:
	How about level five of the zoo where those
twirling gates prevent me from leaving the Zoo Keeper's
hideout? Those are driving me crazy.
Dear F.V.
	You need to RUN to get through those nasty
twirlers. Keep pounding on the keyboard until you've
made your way through.

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Dear ZZT Advisor:
	You guys keep droping hints about some really hot
games you are about to release. Can you give us some more
info? I'd like to see a game that is as intricate za ZZT but
with stunning graphics and sound.
Dear T.D.:
	Fasten your seat belt, because we're about to
release our first 256-color VGA arcade-adventure thriller,
Jill of the Jungle. This game features the artwork of John
Pallet-Plowright, the animation of pro Nintendo artist,
and a rocking musical sound track for your Sound Blaster.
Stay tuned, details are coming soon!
	Also coming soon is KiloBlaster, a VGA shoot-em-
up by Allen Pilgrim (the designer of Monster Zoo). You
can expect digitized backgrounds and incredible sound
effects in this outer-space thriller from Epic MegaGames.

Dear ZZT Advisor:
	I'm having trouble living with my wife, who no
longer pays any attention to me - she's a ZZTaholic. What
can I do to reach her?
Dear D.K.
	Find a hobby that the two of you enjoy together,
for example playing ZZT. If that doesn't work out, try
playing Super ZZT together. Then there is always ZZT's
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