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Sim #Darkdigital 2 Walkthrough

Authored By: Foxman
Published: Unknown
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Sim #Darkdigital 2

Programming errors:
On $Board 1, edit . Just before the second touch label, insert a
#zap touch.


Board 1:

Board 2:
The first beer nozzle to the left.

Board 3:
The first beer nozzle to the right.

Board 4:
The McDonald's happy meal toy (touch it twice).

Board 5:
(touch him twice).

Board 6:
(touch him twice).


Board 1:
This board's a tutorial. Talk to everyone, touch everything and enter the
green/red/purple/blue passage.

Board 2:
There's a time limit on most things in this game, so move fast and save often.
Talk to . Get the sponge and clear the urinal with it. When C_A comes
in, read his name off the list. When gets injured, open the bar
door and get the warm water. Put it in the freezer. Touch . Read
off his name. Tseng will teleport in. Ignore him. When is locked out,
talk to Tseng. Talk to . Go to . Use the emergency exit.

Board 3:
Talk to . This board isn't timed, so make the most of it. Get the CD
from the urinal. Put it in the CD player for money. Talk to and buy the
bomb. Stuff the bomb down the top toilet Talk to . Talk to .
Open the bar door and get the spray bottle. Put the urine from the urinal in the
spray-bottle and spray . Talk to . Go to the bar-tender's spot.
There are two ways you can do this. Either choose option 2 then option 1 twice,
or choose option 1, option 2 then option 1. Talk to . Exit the board
and watch the cinema!

Board 4:
When asks for aspirin, get the hose. Connect one end to the beer nozzle
and the other to the aspirin bottle. Wait until orders catfish soup. Get
the frozen fish. Transport out of the kitchen. Put the frozen fish in the
jacuzzi. Fish the fish out of the toilet. Enter the kitchen, put the bowl back
and get the spoon. Beat the fish with a spoon on the tarpaulin. will
come in and will ask for edible pen ink. Put the spoon back and take
the cup. Get the grease from the fryer, the cafferine from the drinks machine,
transport out of the kitchen, get the urine from the toilet, get the water from
the jacuzzi and get the beer from the nozzle (behind the bar door). Enter the
kitchen and add the grease, caffeine, urine and beer to the stove top and cook
it with the master burner control. Talk to . Enter the blue passage.

Board 5:
Talk to . Call a number on the cellular phone. Enter the control room
and pick up the phone. Shut off the power. will start a riot. Get
a sledgehammer. Use it on the disco controls. Turn the disco machine on. Set the
music to 'Stayin' Alive'. Change strobe light power to maximum. Turn the machine
on full. will try to host with a boring topic. Get the mug and spoon
from the cupboard. Take the stick from the marijuana room. Scoop up some hot
grease from the fryer. Quickly pour it down the urinal. Stir it with the stick
and kick . will break in. Roll the burner twice, then get the
extension cord from the toilets. Plug the burner in and turn it on with the
master control. Talk to . Enter the green passage.

Board 6:
Talk to . Get the key from the toilets and unlock the control room
door. Quickly block off the disco floor (touch the curtain/barrier controls).
will come in and he's bustin'! Grab a pipe from where the stove was.
Stick it in the hole in the lounge and suck it. will come in. Shut off
the power and turn and turn the crank. will come in and die of a heart
attack. Ignore this pathetic bid for attention. will come in. Get a
hose from the control room. Fish the name list out of the fryer with the hose.
Serve . comes in. Get Jolt from the drink machine. Put it in
the pepper spray and spray it into the piping. suffers 16 simultaneous
heart attacks. Beat that ! :-D. Talk to and enter the red
passage. Enjoy the cinema! Save and enter the passage to fight !

HP: 20
Voighdt kicks you in the nads (5)
Voighdt spits at you (10)
Voighdt casts stupidity ray (15)
Voighdt chews your hair (20)
Use earth slash as many times as you can here, but after that, save and swipe.
If you miss, reload! He should be easy.

Enjoy the ending! Don't forget to check out the new title screen!

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