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World Editor Help

Authored By: Tim Sweeney
Published: Nov 2, 1991
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Board information menu

To bring up the board information menu, press [I]. Listed in this menu are all of the characteristics unique to the room being edited.


Each room has a unique title, which you can change as desired. The title of the board you are editing is displayed at the top of the screen.

Can fire (#) shots

This option determines the number of bullets that the player can fire at the same time. A value of 1 indicates that the player can only have one bullet on the screen at any time. The player can not fire again until the bullet disappears.

A value of 0 indicates that the player can fire any number of shots on the board at the same time.

Board is dark

Use this option to darken a room. The player must use a torch to see in a darkened room, and, even then only has limited visibility.

Board up/down/left/right:

Use these options to link rooms together so that the player can move from one room to another by moving off the screen.

Note: When you link one board to another, the other is not automatically linked to the first. You must manually switch to the second board and then link it to the first.

Re-enter when zapped:

When this option is on and the player is shot or touched by an enemy, he will be moved back to the position where he entered the room.

Otherwise, the player will remain the same place when shot.

Time limit:

A limit can be imposed on the amount of time the player can spend in a room. Once that time expires, the player is zapped and the counter starts over.

A time limit of 0 implies that there is no limit to the amount of time the player can spend in a room.

When you impose a time limit on a room, be sure you also turn on the "Re-enter when zapped" option, or else the time limit becomes somewhat meaningless.

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