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Jul 4, 1998
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Burger Joint - Walkthrough

Authored By: Foxman
Published: Unknown

Burger Joint

Programming errors:
None! Woohoo!

Watch the intro. Funny, isn't it?

Board 1:
Remember to save often. There is generally a time limit situation in
this game,
and you always die if time runs out. Grab the broom (DON'T sweep Mr.
head) and sweep the display cabinet, hula hoops, utensils, napkins,
barrel, television and jukebox. When the drinks machine goes nuts,
whack it
with the broom. When Joe comes in and talks to Mr. McDugal, bludgeon
him soundly
on the head with your handy-dandy broom! When the next customer comes
in, serve
him by touching the counter (in the middle). Get some burgers, fries
and a
milkshake and touch the counter again. When the strange noise occurs,
enter the
bathroom and check it out!

Board 2:
When the kids start whining, quickly grab a jagged metal robot (not
teddy bear) from the display cabinet. Then give it to the kids...
:-D! When the
green guy calls, go to him. Then go and get Rod and flush the
mentally unstable
veteran down the toilet! When the brown guy calls, go to him. Get a
burger, dip
it in the trash and give the brown guy the burger (now with FREE
virus!) Go to Rod when he calls you. He'll push his job off on you.
When the
pink girl comes in, serve her and select the following: 'So, uh,
what's up?', 'A
place where you can get food fast.' and 'Wanna go see a movie this
Friday?'. Go
to Mr. McDugal when he calls you and enter the freezer. Watch the

Board 3:
When the grey kid goes '. . . . . . !!!' go to him and give him the
Grab a teddy bear from the cabinet and give it to the brat. Tseng
will come in
for a pointless cameo. Ignore him. When the purple woman comes in,
take 3 pack
of fries and give them to Rod. When Rod bursts into song select
option 2, option
2, option 1, option 1. When they grey man calls, turn on the
television. Change
the channel when he asks you to, Grab a hula hoop and give it to the
grey guy.
When the businessman comes in and wounds Rod, enter the freezer once

Board 4:
When the teenage couple break up and the green guy says 'Aww...
Nothing will
cheer me up'. insert a nickel into the jukebox. When the jerky
foreigner speaks
to Mr. McDugal, grab a burger. Dip it in the hot oil from the fries.
Slip it
down the back of the foreigner's neck... >:-D! When the next dialog
box pops up,
quickly grab 'a lot' of napkins. Use them do wipe off the mysterious
wetness on
a seat. Quickly get off the seat. Go to Mr. McDugal when he calls
you. Enter the
grey passage and watch the cinema!

Board 5:
Quickly go to Mr. McDugal. Talk to the white guy when he comes and
ask him about
Madguy's other games for a laugh. When the teenage couple come in,
serve them
and save. When he comes for you, slip out the door and open it to
smack him in
the face! When Sally comes in, serve her. When the terrorists come
in, hide
behind the counter. Choose option 2, then tell them it's in the
freezer (touch
the freezer). They meet up with one of the rabid bears! Enter the
blue passage
(quickly!) and enjoy the ending!

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