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Dec. 1, 1996
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Livestream - House of Horrors

By: Dr. Dos
Published: May 15, 2021

A Super ZZT classic betrays how little it takes to be considered a Super ZZT classic.

Livestream of the Super ZZT world "House of Horrors" by Alexis Janson (1993)

A childhood favorite quickly reveals itself to be a bit of a horrorshow to a modern audience. Venture into the house of horrors to collect some magic gems, but as soon as one enters the wavepool everything goes off the rails.

There _is_ a room where you have to play a bunch of saxophones which is incredible though. Overall a messy game that a lot of ZZTers have fond memories of as being one of a select few Super ZZT games to actually exist.

(The version played here is the registered version from the Software Visions pack but to reduce clutter I'm linking the standalone unregistered release. The only difference should be the text on the title screen.)

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