Metal Saviour Bia v1.2

Feb. 1, 2021
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Let's Play - Metal Saviour Bia v1.2

By: Dr. Dos
Published: March 8, 2021

Save humanity from annihilation in ths 1994 styled engine focused sci-fi adventure!

Single-segment playthrough of the ZZT world "Metal Savior Bia" v1.2 by Agent Orange (2021)

A few days of spotty internet that seemed to finally subside on the morning of a planned stream were quickly cast away as the modem randomly reset itself one last time. Not wanting to risk having to abruptly cut off a stream, I opted to instead play three short ZZT worlds without an audience.

The modem, has cooperated ever since and I could have streamed just fine. Whoops.

This first game, "Metal Savior Bia" v1.2 was chosen as I never streamed or wrote about the original release, and it's a fun engine-heavy sci-fi adventure inspired by mecha anime and styled after ZZT words of 1994, where authors would frequently have games in development without the use of the then new STK colors only to discover them and add a little more graphical fidelity to later boards.

Humanity has made contact with a hostile alien hive-mind and has been fighting an endless war with a foe that cannot be negotiated with. It's a war that mankind is slowly losing, and the Bia project represents what may be our species' final hope of gaining the upper hand. Your mission as Amy is to pilot the Bia and destroy the hive-mind!

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