24 Hours of ZZT Spring 1999 [Fear]

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Livestream - Spring 1999 24 Hours of ZZT

By: Dr. Dos
Published: Oct. 24, 2018

A livestream of four ZZT world's submitted to the Spring 1999 24 ours of ZZT competition: "The Death of ZZT" by Dragonlord (Unknown place) "Sedimental Worries" by Viovis (3rd place) "Night Terror" by Zenith Nadir (2nd place) "Fear" by Misteroo (1st place) These games were selected for being the top rated entries (and Dragonlord's making me curious), but yikes, none of them were all that good. "Sedimental Worries" was at least memorable in how surreal the writing was combined with some unusual choices in graphics. Also all the games except for "Night Terror" had RPG battles because it was 1999.

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